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The future of digital advertising is addressable TV

HopprTV’s technology enables advertisers to target TV audiences with digital precision.


  • Advertising in a brand safe environment
  • Ability to highly target audience segments
  • Ads on a premium large screen format
  • Incremental reach to suit marketing budgets
  • Options for frequency capping and repetition (custom periods)
  • Highly measurable with advanced analytics

Premium ad space

  • Digital ad space is in demand by advertisers
  • TV has up to 19x more screen real estate than mobile
  • Ads are on screen, they are not scrolling ads
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What is available today

For digital advertisers:
Programmatic video on mobile, tablet and laptops - small screen formats.

For TV advertisers:
Non targeted, limited data and measurements.

Group 279


For digital advertisers:
Access to large format premium ad space. Targeted, audience segments, incremental reach and clear reporting.

Next level analytics
for advertisers

HopprTV will give advertisers new data insights and in-depth analytics. HopprTV has been engineered to capture and analyse user behaviour, application usage and ad rich media viewability.

Base data collected:

  • User behaviour
  • Application usage
  • Advertising metrics
  • Content metrics
  • Dashboard reporting
  • User latitude & longitude
  • Time of day activity

Having better data about your audience means you can better calculate your ROI.

Give your clients better data insights about the audience they are targeting in a brand-safe environment.

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