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Bringing premium digital ads to television

Overlaying a rich web interface across TV.

It gives Network Service Providers the ability to offer new premium advertising opportunities in a brand safe environment.

Digital, interactive ads in redundant space

Ad formats are completely customisable based on the operators
UI and customer experience strategy.

Some examples below:

Clickable ad screen-01

Display ads can appear on the program guide.

The notice formats are completely customisable based on the operators UI and customer preferences.

Clickable ad screen-02 (1)

Advertising can appear in areas that are non-intrusive for the viewer.


Notifications can be served remotely and commence between the user clicking the show and the content commencing.

PayTV Operators

HopprTV unlocks a new revenue stream for PayTV Operators from existing TV assets.

With zero integration, instant access and no development required HopprTV is a turnkey solution for networks.

HopprTV collects data via:

  • User behaviour and application usage
  • Advertising and content metrics
  • Dashboard reporting
  • User location
  • Time of day activity

Better audience data allows PayTV Operators to achieve better monetisation


HopprTV’s technology provides highly targeted capabilities - target a specific household with useful, accurate and important information.

The messages can be remotely programmed, sent in real time and highly geo-targeted to specific audiences.

HopprTV can share news, ads and any creative from advertisers.

Ad Formats

HopprTV ads can be placed in a variety of formats or sizes to suit your specific campaign.

We offer a range of the most popular digital advertising formats, in addition to customised ads which we can tailor to optimise the TV platform.

Group 288

Display Banners

Traditional banners that come in many sizes:
300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600 or 315×300.

Group 289

Video Ads

Our video player supports all standard IAB video ad sizes as well as any other video format up to 1080p which can be delivered fullscreen or PiP as pre-roll, pause-roll and post-roll

Group 291

Interstitial/Full screen Ads

Interstitial ads are full screen ads that are available in a variety of formats including display, video or interactive. These are typically used during a natural break in the user flow and gives advertisers the ability to offer a high quality, large format experience to their users.

Group 290

Interactive Ads

Interactive ads connect with consumers and drive engagement with your brand. An interactive ad unit can be used to drive app installs, further engagement with your brand or product, as well as in-screen purchases.