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Unlocking a new revenue stream from existing TV assets

Rich media notifications to
existing screens

There are just over 600 million people in the world paying a subscription fee for video content.

The average American is spending about 6 hours per day watching video over a TV connected device.

This is premium ad space that isn’t currently being monetised.

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Zero integration and
instant access

  • Zero intrusion into the video player
  • No SDK required
  • No head end integration

HopprTV is a turnkey solution.

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How it works

HopprTV’s patent pending technology is seamlessly overlaid across streaming TV to serve digital messages.

Content can be highly targeted, non-intrusive and interactive.

HopprTV allows advertisers to target TV audiences with digital precision.

What HopprTV can do

Convert idle TV screen space into advertising inventory.

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Coordinate sale of inventory to programmatic and other media buyers.

Remotely serve advertising assets to TV platforms.

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Create new revenue stream for Network Service Providers.

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